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Zhejiang water quality automatic monitoring weekly (June 8 ~ 6 t 14)

Water environment protection is a matter of people's vital interests, is to build a well-off society in an all-round way, and is a matter of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream. At present, our country some areas of water environmental quality is poor, water ecological damage, environmental concerns many problems is very outstanding, influence and harm public health, is not conducive to economic and social sustainable development. To strengthen prevention and control of water pollution, the national water security, formulated a plan of action.

General requirements: fully implement the party's 18 large and 18 fourth plenary session of 2, 3, spirit, and promote the building of ecological civilization, to improve the water environment quality as the core, in accordance with the "priority to water saving and spatial equilibrium, system management, his hands with" principle, the implementation of "safe, clean and healthy" policy, strengthen the source control, water and land as a whole, hohai, give attention to two or morethings in rivers and lakes basin, region, stage of scientific management, system promote the prevention and control of water pollution, water conservation and water resources management. Adhere to the government market together, pay attention to the reform and innovation; Adhere to the comprehensive advance in accordance with the law, the strictest environmental protection system; Adhere to and implement the responsibilities for all parties, strict accountability; Adhere to universal participation, everybody is responsible for promoting water saving clean water, the formation of heads "government, enterprise, market driven, and making public participation" water pollution prevention and control mechanisms, to achieve environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits to win more, for the construction of "often in, castle peak in the blue sky, green water often in" the beauty of the struggle in China. Work goal: by 2020, the national water environment quality has been improved to periodically, polluted water is greatly reduced, the safety of drinking water security levels continue to improve, get strict control of groundwater, groundwater pollution is increasing trend got preliminary control, order in the nearshore environmental quality stability, beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta area of water, such as health improved the ecological environment. By 2030, the overall improvement, strive for the national water environment quality of water ecosystem function recovery. By the middle of this century, the ecological environment quality comprehensive improvement, ecological system realize the virtuous circle. Main indicators: by 2020, the Yangtze river, Yellow River, pearl river, the songhua river, huaihe river, haihe river, liaohe river such as water quality excellent (reach or exceed Ⅲ class) proportion generally above 70%, above ground level and city proper black smelly water bodies are controlled within 10%, above ground level and urban centralized drinking water water quality to reach or exceed Ⅲ class overall is higher than 93%, the proportion of the national groundwater quality is poor control at about 15%, nearshore water quality excellent (1, 2) ratio of around 70%. Loss of beijing-tianjin-hebei region use function, inferior to V class) water cross section was down about 15%, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta area to eliminate the loss of function of water body. By 2030, the seven key river water quality excellent overall reached 75% above, overall city proper black smelly water get eliminated, urban centralized drinking water water quality reach or exceed the 95% overall Ⅲ class.

A, comprehensive control of pollutant discharge (a) vigorously promotes the prevention and control of industrial pollution. Clamp down on "ten small" enterprises. Low level of comprehensive screening equipment, environmental protection facilities, small industrial enterprises. Before the end of 2016, in accordance with the requirements for water pollution prevention and control laws and regulations, to ban all do not conform to the national industrial policy, small paper, leather, printing and dyeing, dye, coking, sulfur, arsenic smelting smelting, refining, electroplating, pesticide production seriously pollute the water environment. (environmental protection department, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of land and resources, such as energy bureau to participate in, the local people's governments at various levels is responsible for the implementation. The following are need to implement the local people's governments at various levels, no longer list) rectification of ten key industries. For paper making, coking, nitrogen fertilizer, non-ferrous metal, printing and dyeing, food processing, agricultural by-products API manufacturing, tanning, pesticide, electroplating and other industries special governance plan, implementation of clean production. Building, rebuilding and expansion of the industry construction projects for reducing the discharge of major pollutants amount or replacement. Before the end of 2017, strive to complete no element chlorine bleaching pulp papermaking industry transformation or take other low pollution pulping technology, iron and steel enterprises coke oven complete dry quenching technology transformation, urea nitrogen fertilizer industry production complete process condensate hydrolyzing analytical technology reform, printing and dyeing industry low drainage, the dyeing and finishing pharmaceutical (antibiotics, vitamin) industry to implement green enzymatic production of technical reformation, chrome tanning industry to implement quantitative and closed cycle use of technological transformation. (environmental protection department, the ministry of industry and information technology such as participation) concentrated water pollution governance industrial agglomeration area. Strengthen economic and technological development zone, high-tech industrial development zone, export processing zones and other industrial agglomeration area pollution treatment. Industrial wastewater concentration area must be well-prepared in meeting the requirements of the centralized processing, can enter sewage concentrated treatment facilities. Construction and upgrading of industrial cluster areas should be synchronized planning and construction of sewage, waste disposal pollution treatment facilities. Before the end of 2017, the industrial cluster areas should be built in accordance with the provisions, the sewage concentrated treatment facilities, and installation of automatic online monitoring device, beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta region a year in advance is complete; Are the overdue unfinished, suspend the examination and approval and approved construction projects, to increase its water pollutant discharge and revoke the park qualification in accordance with the relevant regulations. (environmental protection department, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of commerce and other involved)

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